about me

I was born in the year 1953 in Marburg/Germany and I still live near my home town.


After finishing school and university I became a Special Education teacher.

This was the main reason why I quit playing in the band and playing piano. For some reason, becoming a professional musician has never been an option for me and when I quit making music I thought I had closed that chapter of my life forever. 


Bands that influenced me the most are Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Can, Eloy but I also loved listening to Bob Dylan, Donovan, Leonard Cohen, Joan Baez and of course the great Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.


When I retired I suddenly realised that I had made too less music during my life.

I started practising again (very hard after more than 30 years) and looked out for a band. I was expecting to easily find other elderly people in the same situation but unfortunately it wasn't so. 


After a very frustrating year of trying to find the right people (well, no hard feelings, tho ;-) I finally quit but wasn't ready to give up on making music again.

I decided to start homerecording.

Not the easiest task for someone who- at that point in time- could hardly handle a mobile properly.


I found a great piano teacher who was very supportive and always had an open ear for my sometimes strange musical ideas ;-)


2022 I finished a 12-weeks coaching program in Music Production.


The following pictures show some stations of my musical life.


I love to experiment with different styles and to collaborate with other musicians.

Last year I took part in the HOFA Song Contest 2022 with an instrumental song called "Circle Of Life".

I made it to the 4th place in the category "Progressive" and was very happy and thankful for a lot of really nice comments I received:

HOFA Song Contest 2022

1978 The Beginning

The photo was taken in front of our gorgeous rehersal room in Stadtallendorf.

I'm the one with the short hair.The band was looking for a keyboardist and I was willing to help out for a limited time. Turned out to be for quite some years though.

Until then I had played classical piano only, a real  challenge.

1979 At A Gig

I think it was the traditional Christmas concert in Kirchhain. The organ in the background was unfortunately not mine.

1980 Another Gig

Meanwhile with another drummer. 

This was my equipment:

HOHNER Logan String Ensemble


My (still) best friend lent me the money!


I just looooved it! The guys and roadies (if we could afford some)  not so much, heavy stuff!

I wish I had kept it.


sounds and music for Super 8 films and commercials at KINAX Studio Dillenburg

An interesting and sometimes funny job.

2022 In My Home Studio

After about 45 years without a band and without actually making music I started home recording in 2018.

What began as a collection of ideas will soon  be an album. No matter how old - never give up on your dreams!

I think I'm blessed to be able to still do what I love the most.

my studio

Current instruments and gear


ROLAND FP 7 Stage Piano

ROLAND Jupiter 80


ARTURIA Keylab 61

MOTU M4 Audio Interface

MONICON Passive Monitor Controller

KALI N 8 Monitors

YAMAHA HS 5 Monitors

SPEAKEASY 122 Absolute Modeling Amp

NEO Ventilator Rotary Cabinet Simulator


SHURE SM 58 Microphone

LOGIC PRO X  Digital Audio Workstation