During our last mixing session for "Back From Eternity" I had a funny experience.

The intro is followed by a short Mantra, sung by Drsyia from India.

Roy, who played the drums on this song, suggested to add some more percussion to that part.

He recorded something and while he was editing it, the Mantra was on loop and went on and on and on for a while.

I was staring on the screen (we work together via Zoom), watching the waveforms, midi notes, colours, the consistent moving of the cursor and slowly my concentration slipped away…

Must have been a few minutes later when Roy asked: "What do you think?"

I was so surprised about him talking, I must have been VERY absent minded. 

It made me wonder because I’m not the most spiritual person. At least I thought so!

I guess the Mantra did it’s work, took me to another state of mind and I 

hope it released its effect ;-) 

It was such a strange and at the same time funny experience, I had to use it for a short video to make

fun of myself ! Take a look here, just scroll down a bit.