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I love to experiment with different styles and to collaborate with other musicians.

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Online Collaborations


This is a song by

Granny Meat Stone Shit

a band from the Marburg region.

Sven, the guitar player, is a friend and he recently sent me the link to the song/video. 

I immediately fell in love with the song. Straight forward, energetic  Rock, no bells and whistles!

>Enter keyboardist ;-)

I couldn't resist playing along with the song but since it was already mixed and very dense with the guitars I kept it simple. Just some organ, strings, arp and a few vocal effects during the break part. To my surprise, the lads didn't kill me for messing around with their song and kindly allowed me to share it with you.

Granny Meat Stone Shit are:

Martin ->drums

Stück   -> bass

Sven    -> guitar

Boris   ->vocals

In case you are interested to book the band for your next event, please contact them via Facebook or drop an email: gmss(at)

Listen to the original song on Youtube

or the messed up;-) version below!

2. Path To Future

I contributed some keyboards to this beautiful song written by Daniel Czestki via the collaboration website Kompoz.

Just a sketch, seems they stopped working on it, pity.



Read the story behind the video here, blog post "When You're Taking Lyrics Too Serious"

Jingle 1

Short Jingle in News Style


Time: 0:6 min

Music by Aliènor

Copyright 2023 by Aliènor

Free video by PIRO

Gothic Girl

I found this short video somewhere in internet.

Vocals are made with SHEVANNAI, a great Elven-voice plugin.

I chopped some of the words and tried to match them with the mouth movement.


Gothic, ambient, fantasy

Time: 0:18 min

Alterations, extensions possible

Music by Aliènor

Copyright 2023 by Aliènor

Free video by Erosvideos